Boho chic style

The bohemian style is a laidback, casual, natural and bright style that will make your home come to life. A great mix of texture, colour, and natural materials gives warmth and coziness that will make your guests feel at home. It brings the cheeky and fun of the hippie and the best thing, there are … Continue reading Boho chic style

When is not enough?

I was looking into pictures of my previous up-cycled furniture and I started wondering... How do we know when it is best to leave vintage furniture as it is? You are standing in front of a piece of furniture that you just finished up-cycling and you are feeling epic. You are proud of yourself and … Continue reading When is not enough?

Modern Farmhouse Style

As promised in my last post, today I start the series "Seven Interior Design Styles for 2020" presented in Pre-Styled mood boards with hand-picked items from current collections and still available to purchase online. The first design I will talk about is the Modern Farmhouse Style. One of my favourite styles because of the simple, … Continue reading Modern Farmhouse Style

furniture paint comparison

Why I’ve decided to try 3 different paints on my latest works.

I've started my up-cycled furniture business in 2014 when I was still living in London, England. At the time the only brand that I would think about using in my projects was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP). It's one of the best brands on the market for chalk paint, amazing quality, coverage and it's a … Continue reading Why I’ve decided to try 3 different paints on my latest works.

French style dresser in grey and blush

I've bought this dresser for my daughter's room for only $35 on Facebook Marketplace and instantly I knew what I wanted to do with it to refinish. I wanted to paint in grey and blush colours to make it beautiful and feminine but not too girly. The dresser was in good shape apart from a … Continue reading French style dresser in grey and blush

Vintage child’s desk uplift

I’ve refinished this beautiful little desk for my daughter. When I've got it was really messed up and the pink paint on the sides was really badly applied that was already coming off, which turned out to be great so I didn't had much trouble. The beauty about vintage furniture is that they are always … Continue reading Vintage child’s desk uplift

Tidying Up with 6 Simple Tasks

I know that everybody has a busy life these days and it's hard to keep your home clean, tidy and clutter free, that's why I will bring a series of posts about Home Organization, De-clutter and House Cleaning. On this first posting, I will talk about the basics to keep your house clean every day. … Continue reading Tidying Up with 6 Simple Tasks

How to hack your bullet journal with washi tape

I have started using a bullet journal in August last year and so far I'm really enjoying and able to keep my daily goals on track and manage my time more efficiently. The last year journal was more of a trial and error and a journal to try different spreads, tracks and see what would … Continue reading How to hack your bullet journal with washi tape